An Integrated Loyalty Program that helps you create, maintain and develop a close bond with your customers engendering brand loyalty.

  • 69% of consumers say their choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty/rewards program point.
  • A 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase the average profit per customer by 25% – 100%.

Customer loyalty programs are proven methods for growing and sustaining market share. Consumers who are already enthusiastic about a brand are more likely to continue buying and are a prime market for the brand’s new products.


Our loyalty program Freekwent will help you turn guests into loyal patrons and help your business grow. It is easy to use, perfectly priced and customizable.
  • FreeKwent is a completely digitized system.
  • Customers do not need to carry or swipe any cards.
  • Subscribed members can easily access their account status or redeem offers by logging onto the website or the app.

Once you integrate our Loyalty program with your Restaurant’s POS system, you will automatically be able to keep track of customers’ purchases, offer rewards, gifts and update points or redemptions.

Hassle Free And Easy to Use

  • Customers can sign up using their mobile no.s or email ids to start availing loyalty benefits.
  • The offer and rewards redemption is simple and encourages customers to stay on the program.
  • FreeKwent enables multiple loyalty options including $ amount, visit frequency and other options too.
  • Your staff will not require any special training to implement the program at the store.

Superior Customer Support

  • With our restaurant marketing experience, we ensure that your customers become regulars.
  • Right from on-boarding to getting sign-ups for the loyalty program, we will be there with you every step of the way.
  • Exceptional customer service with a personalized response within 1 business day.
  • We offer training and technical support.
  • We help you promote the loyalty program.
  • We help you to customize offers that you roll out through the loyalty program.

A Comprehensive Loyalty Program

All our products are built around A2A Framework that provides unique insights into your customer’s journey. It enables you to plan, execute and optimize your marketing strategies nudging the customer to move along this customer funnel. 
  • FreeKwent insights will enable you to make smarter marketing and business decisions.
  • Get to know who are your most loyal customers, the biggest spenders, or which customers have not visited you in a while.
  • What offers work the best.
  • Equipped with these insights you will never spend on indiscriminate offers or promotions again.

Integrated Loyalty Program & Customer Relationship Management Solution

As part of the mKonnekt suite of products, FreeKwent is well integrated into other products including FoodKonnekt (our online ordering), 4Q(our customer relationship management software) and Birthday module with the single focus of providing seamless customer experience.
  • FreeKwent enables you to build a rich customer database, which can be used to offer a personalized consumer experience or send specials via SMS or email.
  • Helps you to nurture productive customer relationships.
  • Create a loyal customer base that visits often and keeps the sales going.
  • Helps in turning loyalty members into brand advocates.

Robust Analytics and Reporting Engine

  • FreeKwent insights will enable you to make smarter marketing and business decisions.
  • Enables automated personalized customer messages based on interaction history.
  • Provides unique insights into customer behavior and some powerful tools to act on them.

Learn How mKonnekt Can Help Your Restaurant

Learn How mKonnekt Can Help Your Restaurant

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