With our intelligent solution, your brand can be a part of every important day in your customer’s life. 

Building customer affinity towards a brand should be the primary objective of restaurant marketing strategies. When choosing a restaurant, all of us rely heavily on recommendations of our friends & family.

mKonnekt recognizes the fact that building customer relationships are crucial for a restaurant’s success.

  • We have created the birthday module with this objective that helps restaurateurs to build on customer relationships.
  • The birthday module is dynamic as it is capable of creating offers based on customer insights.

Get more customers

Get more sign-ups by Targeting people in the vicinity of your restaurant. 

Collect customer info

 Create a quality database for email marketing by collecting valuable customer data with each registration.

Delight customers

 The flexible module allowing you to add questions and fields in the registration form to help you know your customers better, create and manage personalized offers based on the customer data you collect.


  •  Restaurateurs can easily plan, execute, and measure the results of the Birthday Module.
  • With multiple touch points, mKonnekt’s birthday module can be integrated into your website, onto Facebook and other social media.
  • You can create sign up offers as well as other offers as per your requirement.
  • You can even customize and switch offers from time to time.


All our products including the Birthday Module are built around A2A Framework (TM) that provides unique insights to your customer’s journey. It enables you to plan, execute and optimize your marketing strategies by providing right and timely customer data and insights.
  •  Manage and create offers and gift cards.
  • Keep engaging with registered customers through email marketing.
  • Delight customers with customized messaging, offers and service.
  • Choose the frequency of automatic reminders to people who do not redeem their gift certificates.
  • Collect feedback.


  • With our insightful dashboard, you can track which offers are working well and which ones need change.
  •  Check how well the registration communication is working.
  • Track the progress of registrations and optimize for best results.


  • Continue targeting new customers based on their birthdays and location.
  • Run precise and high performing campaigns to attract you new customers and to keep bringing back your existing customers.
  • Use our intuitive FB chatbot to send out customized marketing messages to your audience for ongoing customer acquisition.

Learn How mKonnekt Can Help Your Restaurant

Learn How mKonnekt Can Help Your Restaurant

Tracking And Analytics

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